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Still flicking the bugs off this web site, but gander around to find what's been updated. Thanks for visiting Jenewein Farms online.

Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut, that held it's ground.  ~ David Icke

Jenefarm News

No new photos or shares. Since our weird "good" weather, budding leaves and flowers have been springing up early. So far no frost threats have caused us any harm. All the tree looks good as of this update (May 2012).

Also more pecan trees this year are planned, as well as replacement of the one lost over the winter. We are giving serious consideration to planting more hazelnut bushes too, this year.



hazelnuts growing on a branch


   Soon more photos of our trees and the second
  round of hazelnuts this year.

walnut tree at Grinnell's property, May 2007

A beautiful walnut tree in eastern Michigan

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